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What is Enrichment?

Enrichment is a term that was given to us by zoo keepers. The exotic animals that they were caring for became depressed and acted out. Through a lot of study they found that domestication was actually making parts of the brain dormant, causing the depression and emotional outbursts. They also found that through different levels of engagement, we could actually awaken those important parts of the brain to give them a better quality of life. 

Enrichment is a big concept that has made its way into the dog world. As you can see it is much more than a Kong or puzzle being given to your dog. We here at Shaggy to Chic have created several engagement zones that will guarantee to give each individual dog what they need, mentally and physically in order to have a

happy and healthy life. We are proud to be the only facility in the Texas Panhandle built with this purpose and your dogs best interest in mind. 

Our Program

Our daycare program is the only one in the Texas panhandle that has a total enrichment experience at no additional cost. We are a positive reinforcement facility that prides ourselves in our ability to engage with dogs on their level. We strive to meet them at each of our engagement zones daily.  Our daycare programs also include basic training and we customize each experience to fit every dog and every dog owners needs. We aim to help each pup in our program be a better family member at home through giving them the freedom and purpose to learn and grow. 

Here are some more great benefits to our program:

  • Helps burn off excess energy for a calmer pup at home

  • Helps with weight loss issues

  • Helps with socializing (People and Dogs)

  • Alleviates boredom and loneliness and the anxiety it can cause - which can lead to separation anxiety

  • You will have peace of mind knowing that your best friend is being taken care of while you are away

  • Prevents destructive behavior


  • Half Day (<4 Hours)  - $20.00

  • Full Day (>4 Hours)  - $32.00

Monthly Subscriptions

Unlimited Full Day Daycare Monday - Saturday with no reservation required

Also includes free entry in any event we are hosting

Founders Package - Limited Amount Available

$299.00 per month 

$100.00 each additional dog

General Package -


$100.00 each additional dog 

7 Day Passes - 2 Month Expiration

Teal Pass - 7 Half Days - $126.00

Red Pass - 7 Full Days - $201.60

14 Day Passes - 6 Month Expiration

Mega Teal Pass - 14 Half Days - $252.00

Mega Red Pass - 14 Full Days - $403.20

Enrichment Daycare: Projects
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