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Spa: Our Services


Your pet’s happiness is our number one priority. During this service, we learn what they like and dislike and always treat them with kindness and patience. And we never charge extra for snuggles - it’s included. Our grooming services include everything in the bathing package and a cut in the style of your choosing. We have an award winning groomer that would love to help you reach your style expectations for your pup.


The bathing package includes top of the line shampoo and conditioner that is uniquely selected for your dog and their skin and coat needs. This package also includes a nail trim, a brush and blowout, and ear cleaning. We also include gland expression and desheds when appropriate.


We are the first facility in the Texas Panhandle with technicians certified in canine massage. We use top of the line and pet friendly products to make sure your pup has a relaxing massage with optimal results. 

Benefits of massage :

  • Improves blood flow

  • Alleviates stress

  • Helps reduce pain and relax tight and sore muscles

  • Releases toxins from muscles and other tissues

  • Stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system

  • Essentially, it enhances every system and organ in the body 

VIP Options

Micro Bubble Bath
Spa Package
Custom Color with pet safe dye 
Nail Painting/Nail Art
Flea and Tick Baths
Flea and Tick Treatments (Lasts 30 days)
Mud Baths
Hot Oil Treatments
Plaq Cleanse (Deep Teeth Clean)

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