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All of our over night experiences include the daycare program during the day. We have 24/7 staffing so that your dog will never be expected to care for or entertain themselves while you are away. We provide several housing options as well as amenities to help facilitate a relaxing and fun experience. They will start every morning with infused filtered water made with ingredients proven to be beneficial to your pups health.  All overnight stays receive a complimentary bath with a 4+ night stay so that they are clean and relaxed for their return home. 

Other Complimentary Amenities:

  • Tvs with DogTv and other dog friendly programming playing thorough out their day  

  • Gourmet treat on arrival

  • Bed time stories and tuck in

  • Nutritious snacks

  • Entry to any celebrations they have during their stay

  • Basic training in our daycare program

Our rooms and their prices are listed below. Please call for a quote and information on our multi dog discount. 



We are the only facility in the Texas Panhandle to offer kennel free Slumber Party style accommodations. Your pup will rest in one of our spacious rooms and have access to all of our futons and mattresses for a relaxing evening with their friends. They will have plenty of room to stretch and rest from their active day. 

$45 per night



A private room for those who like their own space. They include a tablet to watch programs on and all of our usual amenities. The only time they will be in their private room is to eat and sleep as most of their day will be in our daycare program. 

$40 per night 



These are for the extra large pups and those who like to really stretch out and enjoy their space. As with the single rooms, the only time they will be in here is to eat and sleep. This room also comes with our usual amenities. 

$50 per night 

Over Night Stays: Projects
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